Dr. Costa's program at Ohio State University

We worked with Dr. Costa to show his natural science students the ecology of Costa Rica—a country known worldwide for its conservation efforts. By pairing his lectures about ecotourism, biodiversity and sustainability with our connections in Costa Rica, we were able to build a Course Itinerary that provided meaningful teaching moments. Download his full itinerary to discover the national parks, reserves and protected areas that enhanced his lectures at Ohio State University.

Itinerary preview

– Lecture on the tectonic evolution of the Central America convergent margin

– Lecture on geomorphology and physiographic provinces


Day 2: Guided visit to INBioparque (Costa Rica Institute of Biodiversity)

Day 4: Visit to La Fortuna geothermal basin and Arenal Volcano National Park

Day 7: Investigate coastal ecosystems at Manuel Antonio National Park


– Lecture on conservation units and protected areas

– Lecture on hydrogeology and groundwater resources

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Course objectives
Upon completion of the course, students are expected to:

– Identify the major tropical ecosystems of Costa Rica

– Learn ways in which resources are used to produce consumable goods and provide ecosystem services

– Understand the connections between economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability

– Learn to apply sustainability concepts locally and globally by engaging in real world experiences highlighting the conflicts between development and conservation

– Understand the connections between their academic field and issues of global sustainability

– Develop an integrated vision for sustainability that embraces their personal lives, profession, local communities, and the world at large

About the professor

Ozeas Costa of Ohio State University built this program to address the issues of sustainability in areas with a high level of biodiversity. The information included in this Course Itinerary is an excerpt from his comprehensive syllabus.


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