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Hosting a Recruitment Meeting

Hosting a meeting is a crucial step in your program planning process. Your excitement about study abroad will be contagious and is one of the most important things that inspires travelers to join.

Before the meeting
Consult with your Program Consultant to determine your goal group size, and invite three times that number of students via email and text message. Before the meeting, email students the date and time of the meeting and make sure to send at least three follow-up emails. Post posters and flyers around campus and consider appointing a student ambassador to help with generating interest.

At the meeting
As students walk in, have a computer available that’s open to the “Interested” list on your Group tab, and ask attendees to enter their contact information immediately. You will need this information to follow up with relevant information about enrollment.

1. Open your meeting by introducing yourself and outlining the benefits of studying abroad
Today, there’s an overwhelming demand for global competency that makes it important for every student to consider studying abroad, regardless of their major or career goals.

  • Explain how this program will connect to your course and how students can get credit and use financial aid, if applicable.

  • Next, explain that an international experience will help students better understand their coursework through experiential learning. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of their area of study and will be more competitive in the job market.

2. Tell them why you chose EF
EF is the world leader in international education and EF Study Abroad offers professors and students an opportunity to discover the world on safe and affordable international programs.

3. Talk about the program and why you chose this itinerary
Once all the background has been covered, it's time to talk about your program:

  • Talk about the program you developed. Highlight the exciting places you'll see and go over the itinerary and map of where you'll be going.

  • If applicable, explain how students can earn credit and use their financial aid.

  • Discuss fundraising opportunities and students’ program donation pages.

  • Discuss everything that is and isn't included in the price.

  • Finally, talk about the price.

4. Encourage travelers to enroll
Now that you've reviewed the benefits of short-term study abroad, your partnership with EF, and the details of your specific program, it's time to tell travelers how to sign up:

  • Take sign-ups at the meeting directly on your Program Enrollment Page or by taking paper applications.

  • After your presentation, share the materials and resources that you received from your Program Consultant like payment options, Global Travel Protection Plan and more.

  • Explain any separate college or university application processes that students need to complete prior to enrollment with EF.

  • Communicate your enrollment deadline. (Be sure to set your deadlines as early as possible so that students don’t miss the final enrollment date.)

After the meeting
Make sure to send a follow-up email to attendees thanking them for coming, including a link to your Program Enrollment Page and reminder of enrollment deadlines. Touch base with any students on your “Interested” list who couldn’t make the meeting to remind them about the deadlines, and steer them toward your Program Enrollment Page and EF’s Traveler Support Team for details. Send at least three follow-up emails and text messages to students who showed interest to make sure they stay engaged.

Continue to promote your program throughout campus leading up to your enrollment deadline by visiting classes, asking your colleagues to speak about the program and using posters, emails and more.