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Mosaic of Spain: Language, Culture & Politics

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with a curated curriculum taught at both EF’s International Language Campus in Málaga and the University of Granada Center for Modern Languages. Throughout your semester, you’ll travel on field excursions designed to bring learning to life in global cities like Amsterdam, Tangier, and Madrid. You’ll return home with transferable college credit and a greater global perspective, ready to chart your unique course through college and your career.


Jan. 17, 2025 – Apr. 13, 2025

Areas of study

Attend orientation in the seaside city of Málaga, where you’ll meet your cohort. Then, embark on a walking tour of the city and celebrate your arrival with a group dinner.

Study Spanish at the EF International Language School alongside other language learners from around the world. In class, learn vocabulary and strengthen communication skills with lessons designed to help you make the most of your immersive semester in Spain. On weekends, practice your skills while exploring the vibrant city on your own.

Flex your newfound language skills while exploring Spain’s capital city. Engage with the past as you visit world-renowned historic sites, then embrace Madrid’s future by meeting with locals leading a new generation of innovation.

Begin your studies at the University of Granada. As you participate in courses specifically designed for your cohort of EF students, you’ll start your journey into the politics and culture of the region. Settle into life as a student in beautiful Granada.

Discover Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, with a visit to the Anne Frank House and an Indonesian or Surinamese (both former Dutch colonies) cooking class, then enjoy free time to explore the canals, cobblestone streets, and world-class museums on your own.

Continue your studies at the University of Granada and dive deeper into your coursework. Settle into life in Granada as you get into your routine, find your favorite spots around town, make new friends, and see your courses come to life.

Cross the Strait of Gibraltar to spend a long weekend in Tangier. While traveling the nation’s historic sites, you’ll explore the relationship between Morocco and Spain, as well as the influence of Islamic culture and religion on the region.

Travel to Chefchaouen to see the iconic, blue-washed buildings of its old town and explore the traditions of leather and weaving crafts.

In your final course, explore sustainability on a local and regional scale by first examining the influences and impacts of self-sustainable practices in Granada. You’ll return home with a comprehensive understanding of Granada’s community and culture, strengthened Spanish language skills, and new perspectives on global politics.


Study the Spanish language at the EF International Language School campus. At the beginning of the course, you’ll be placed in a group of learners based on your current proficiency level. Lessons will focus on vocabulary and communication.

Learn more about the history and culture of the Arab-Islamic world as you engage with Islam as a cultural phenomenon and fundamental religion in Arab history, as well as the socio-political development of Al-Andalus. 

This course will teach you to develop a dynamic understanding of current political workings in Spain and the EU. You’ll learn the basic foundations of contemporary politics and different methods for interpreting political reality.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of local self-sustainable cultures, models, and practices in the Mediterranean region. Compare community practices with local governance in the region, participate in case studies, and understand influential factors on the sustainability of Granada and its surrounding areas.

What’s included

Tuition for this 13-week program is $17,750 and payment plans are available. Your program tuition includes:

“This program is perfect for students curious about the world around them and wanting to immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of Granada. It combines a powerful academic experience with the hands-on beauty of experiential learning.”

Rebecca S.
EF Program Development

Student applicant requirements

Students interested in embarking on an EF Foundation Program must be at least 18 years old, hold a U.S. passport, maintain a 2.5 GPA minimum, and be a high school graduate by departure day in order to apply.