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Study abroad in EF Hubs

At EF Study Abroad, we have teams, offices, and partners all over the world—and the strongest combinations of these resources create our EF Hubs. With established EF Study Centers, central accommodations, and curated field visits, our hub cities offer the pinnacle of our custom programming for faculty-led Study Center Programs and semester-long Custom First-Year Programs.

Powered by a world of expertise

Each EF Hub is championed by a global team of experts and brought to life by our unmatched sourcing capabilities, thoughtful academic partnerships, and deep on-the-ground insights. 

Custom experiences

Our EF Hubs are equipped to bring any syllabus to life—no matter the academic discipline or curricular details. By combining our industry-leading experience with our hyper-focused efforts in each city, we’re able to scale and adapt program components without adding effort for institutions.

We customize each program based on:

  • Unique institutional goals

  • Student development benchmarks 

  • Subject-specific learning objectives 

Six cities. Endless possibilities.