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Your partner for international education

Whether your institution is looking for down-to-the-detail assistance or behind-the-scenes support, our expert team will operate as a seamless extension of your study abroad office to create programs that are easily scalable and highly impactful. With 5X accreditation, $50 million liability coverage, and industry-leading emergency response, we are proud to be a partner that inspires confidence and collaboration.

The partnership process

We’re here to build your ideal study abroad experience—be it a Faculty-Led Program, a Custom First-Year Program, or something in between. Our dedicated team will create a step-by-step roadmap to bring your institution’s study abroad goals to life. 

We’ll work together to establish your study abroad goals, informing effective strategies for the rest of the planning and development process. 

Considering desired length, destinations, areas of academic focus, and more, our team will source quality experiences to develop a program that brings your vision to life. 

This is your program, and your institution’s policies take priority. From enrollment and payment to scholarships and preparation to contracts and agreements, well flex our processes to fit your needs. 

In addition to assisting with enrollment, well provide engagement and assessment tools designed to prepare students for immersion and measure their growth, as well as resources to support and prepare Program Leaders.

Once your program is underway, we’ll remain an active partner managing in-country operations, day-to-day logistics, and incident responses on your behalf. 

Upon returning home, we provide faculty with resources that encourage reflection and measure development—ensuring students continue learning from the experience.  

Student access

We believe all students should have the opportunity to experience the profound impacts of travel. That’s why we strive to create opportunities that make studying abroad more accessible for learners of all identities, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses. Some of these resources include: