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Our approach to safety

Our travelers' safety is our number one priority. With over 55 years of experience and a global network that reaches over 50 countries, we lead the charge on student safety. In addition to a crew of people who work behind-the-scenes on every program, our Safety and Incident Response Team—comprised of industry experts, healthcare experts, and even former FBI personnel—is ready to spring into action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when they aren’t directly helping EF travelers, they’re actively innovating on and shaping the new worldwide standards for cleanliness and safety.

Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or a sprained ankle, a missed flight or confusing medical paperwork, we’ve seen it all. So, whatever happens, we’re ready and here for you.

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Health & safety abroad

We want all of our groups to travel confidently, which is why EF is taking the necessary steps to help keep travelers as healthy and safe as possible. Explore our COVID-19 travel guidelines, entry requirements, and what to know about illness abroad.

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What Group Leaders are saying

Every single one of our actions in response to COVID-19 has been made with students, teachers, parents, and administrators at the top of our minds. The true results of those decisions can only be measured through their reactions.