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EF's Rules of the Road

When travelers enroll on a program, they agree to EF’s Rules of the Road. If travelers do not conform to these regulations or any specific rules set by their Group Leader, they risk dismissal from the program, returning home at their own expense with no refund for the missed program portion. Decisions regarding program dismissal are up to EF and/or the Group Leader.

All scheduled activities are obligatory. If a traveler is sick or has a physical ailment that might prevent them from participating in an activity, he or she must tell the Group Leader, who will notify the Field Director.

Travelers that choose to drink alcohol should do so responsibly and only in countries where they are of legal drinking age. Beer and wine can be stronger abroad and alcohol affects people differently. Travelers should always be responsible and stay in total control.

Travelers that break the law during the program will be sent home at their own expense. In addition to immediate dismissal from the program, they will be subject to the laws of the country they are visiting. Since laws vary by country, all travelers should be aware of what’s legal and not legal wherever they travel.

Compensation for damage done to any hotel room or bus is at the responsibility of the traveler. Travelers that notice damage upon check-in should notify the Field Director immediately. All charges for phone calls and incidentals incurred at hotels must be paid prior to check-out.

Smoking is not allowed on buses, during meals, in hotel rooms or in any other shared or enclosed space.

Travelers are responsible for their own possessions. Valuables should never be left out in the open, on a bus seat or back in the hotel. In the event of a lost wallet or phone, travelers should immediately alert their bank or network provider for immediate deactivation.

Before going out, travelers should be sure to stay in groups and to let other members of the program group know where they are going. As a best practice, travelers are encouraged to bring a hotel business card so that they always know where to come back to.

Travelers are responsible for taking any medications they need, as well as for having enough for the full duration of the program. In the event of a serious medical issue or one that requires specific attention, the Field Director and Group Leader should be notified prior to the program in case of an emergency.