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Rooms & Roommates

Where you sleep at night is a big deal. (Ask any college kid who’s survived lottery-style dorm selection.) And while we can’t prevent every instance of roommate drama, here are a few things you can count on when you travel with EF: our hotel partners absolutely must meet our standards for quality, safety, and cleanliness—no exceptions. That means your rooms will be safe, clean, and comfortable. They’ll also have private bathrooms.

From there, standard accommodations vary based on age—read on for specifics. If you’d prefer to make other arrangements, call Traveler Support at 877-485-4184; the deadline to make a change is 95 days before your program begins. Please also chat with your Faculty Group Leader about any room type or roommate preferences.

If you're 29 or younger
Travelers who are 29 and under typically stay in Triple/Quad rooms of three or four people of the same gender. Each traveler will have their own bed. You may share a room with someone from another group if you’re traveling with more than one college or university—which has led to more than a few incredible cross-country friendships. Since hotels vary from city to city, room assignments might also be different from one hotel to the next.

If you’d prefer to guarantee your own room or a room with only one other traveler, call Traveler Support to discuss the cost of upgrading. It’s a good idea to run any changes by your Faculty Group Leader, too.

If you're 30 and older
Travelers 30 years and older typically stay in Twin rooms of two people of the same gender. (Talk to your Faculty Group Leader to request someone specific.) You’ll have your own single or double bed, and you could share a room with someone from another group if you’re traveling with more than one school.

If you’d prefer your own room, call Traveler Support to discuss the cost of upgrading. Couples and families who’d like to stay together can also call to talk through their options.

If your itinerary includes an overnight train or ferry
Sleeping arrangements on overnight trains and ferries are a little cozier. But what trains and ferries lack in sleeping space, they make up for in efficiency—it’s tough to beat falling asleep in one country and waking up in another—and in the adventure of experiencing a new mode of transportation.

If you're a Faculty Group Leader
Group Leaders are automatically placed in Twin rooms. If you’d prefer your own room, please discuss the cost of upgrading with your Program Consultant in advance of the deadline. (And if, by chance, your program is headed to Africa, please let your group know that Single rooms unfortunately aren’t available.)

As Group Leader, you’re also responsible for assigning roommates for your group. All EF needs to collect in advance—same deadline: 95 days before your program—are roommate assignments for Twin, Double, and Family rooms. Log in at and visit the “Room types” list on your Group tab for a look at the rooms your travelers have selected. Then give your Program Consultant a call to talk through the process from there.

You don’t need to worry about roommate assignments for Triple/Quad rooms until you check in at your first hotel—but if you want to organize a list of roommate preferences in advance, ask your Program Consultant to share tips from other experienced Group Leaders.