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Your flight itinerary & tickets: Your flight itinerary will be available online (log in at approximately 21 days prior to departure. All groups are issued electronic tickets (e-tickets), which means you only need to bring your passport to the airport for check-in.

Special requests & itinerary modifications: For any special in-flight meal requests, call the airlines directly at least a week prior to departure. You should also confirm your requests at flight check-in. Due to the nature of group reservations, airlines do not allow us to alter an individual traveler's reservation. It is possible that the airline will not allow any changes, but if you'd like to try to upgrade or select specific seats, you should work directly with the airline within 21 days of departure using your individual ticket and confirmation numbers listed in your online EF account. We recommend you attempt to make these changes online vs. calling the airline, as airline agents are often unfamiliar with group reservations and will direct travelers to call EF; however, we cannot make these updates on your behalf. If you are unable to request changes, we recommend you try again at check-in or in person at the airport.

To guarantee a specific seat or upgrade, we recommend that you arrange your own airfare and travel Land Only (removing EF-arranged airfare). Travelers can request to travel Land Only until 95 days prior to departure. For Land Only requests under 95 days prior to departure, please call Traveler Support at 877-485-4184.

Meeting at the airport: Groups should discuss where and when they will meet on the day of the program’s departure (e.g. at the college/university or at the airport). Plan to arrive at the airport three hours prior to departure for check-in. Pack light! You'll be toting your own luggage around at airports and hotels, so bring only what you need—ideally in a carry-on bag. See your airline's baggage policies here.

Checking in: EF books group reservations with airlines, which may require you to check-in at the airport instead of online. If you go to check-in online and you cannot find your reservation, know that this is common with group bookings due to airline-specific policy.

Please note: It is common for airlines to remove the space between a traveler’s first and middle names. As long as all characters of your first, middle and last name are listed on your ticket and match your passport exactly, you will be all set!

Arriving in your destination: International flight itineraries usually have one or more connections (either in the United States or overseas). Most eastbound international flights are overnight. After landing abroad, you will go through immigration and customs. Upon arrival in the first city of the program, your Field Director or an EF representative will meet your group once you pass through customs and exit baggage claim. Groups typically arrive in the morning and hit the ground running with Day 2 activities.