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EF's Approach to Safety

Your students’ safety is our number one priority. That’s why we offer EF’s Safety Assurance commitment, a holistic approach to your wellbeing which consists of our worldwide network, global and domestic safety teams, new Safety and Protection offerings, and new health and wellness standards in alignment with the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or a sprained ankle, a missed flight or confusing medical paperwork, we’ve seen it all over the course of our 55 years of experience. So, whatever happens, we’re ready and here for you.

Wherever you travel, EF is there
EF’s global presence is truly unmatched. We’re talking staff on the ground 365 days a year in over 50 countries. That means we have the local knowledge to keep our groups safe, and you’ll have friendly faces nearby to offer a helping hand (or a high five).

Leading the charge on student safety
In addition to following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and local and federal authorities around the world, we’re also developing our own protocols to help keep your students healthy and safe. Our Safety and Incident Response Team—comprised of industry experts, healthcare experts, and even former FBI personnel—is ready to spring into action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And when they aren’t directly helping EF travelers, they’re actively innovating on and shaping the new worldwide standards for cleanliness and safety.

Behind-the-scenes support
In addition to our Safety and Incident Response Team, there’s a whole crew of people who work behind the scenes to ensure your program is safe—before and during your program. This team includes your dedicated Program Consultant, who knows you and your students, your expert local Field Director who’s trained specifically for challenging situations and emergency or COVID-19 response, Program Experience Managers who source and book activities that comply with our safety standards, and many others.