Jumpstart higher-ed journeys abroad

Built collaboratively with institutions, these immersive programs give students the opportunity to study abroad during their first semester of college: a pivotal stage of academic and personal growth. Students gain perspectives, take courses, and earn credit in an EF Hub city before returning to campus with the tools to learn and lead with confidence.

What's included

We know how important it is the find the right partner—one who delivers value beyond just coordinating the logistics of travel. That's why we work hand-in-hand with colleges and universities to co-create culturally immersive educational programming that helps bring your syllabus to life and creates unforgettable international experiences for your faculty and students.

Here’s some of what your custom first-year study abroad program can include.

International EF Hubs

First-Year Programs are brought to life in our EF Hubs: dynamic cities with an established EF presence. With EF Study Centers, dedicated local staff, and deeply rooted regional knowledge, EF Hubs offer the pinnacle of our programming. Combining our on-the-ground insights with global resources, we’re able to create highly customized—and highly impactful—study abroad experiences in the heart of each city.

Barcelona Barcelona
This seaside city will sweep you off your feet with its world-famous architecture, dining, and vibrant culture.
London London
Located in the bustling heart of Britain, London is a cultural hub of historical happenings.
Munich Munich
In the idyllic Bavarian capital, contemporary meets medieval and the city meets the mountains.
Rome Rome
A mesmerizing city teeming with art, historic ruins, and bustling street life.
Seoul Seoul
South Korea’s capital city filled with fashion, music, technology, and innovation.
Tokyo Tokyo
This sprawling metropolis is an eclectic mix of the traditional and the ultramodern.