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Our philosophy is to make our international education experiences as impactful as possible, while simultaneously removing unnecessary burdens from our institutional partners and making it easy to establish programs on campus. Download our Partnership Guide to get everything you need to know for planning a program.
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Academic rigor and EF’s Global Learning Model

At EF, we take an innovative approach to programming using our Global Learning Model. Every program is intentionally designed to maximize educational outcomes and develop skills that are critical to accelerating success in all aspects of students’ lives: confidence, adaptability, global perspective, and more.

Built with industry-leading experts who embrace the standards of good practice for learning and development, EF’s Global Learning Model uses a blend of educational and cultural experiences in conjunction with academic resources to maximize learning before, during, and after immersion.

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Take advantage of faculty leader benefits

As an educator, selflessness can feel like part of the job description. But let’s take a moment to consider how traveling with EF can impact you—including a loyalty program that you won't find elsewhere, study abroad scholarships for you and your students, fully-funded international trainings, networking opportunities with like-minded faculty, and much more.

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Meet your EF Study Abroad team

Our dedicated, responsive staff is focused on helping institutions achieve their goals. When you partner with us, you gain access to our team of educators, researchers, and logistical experts—streamlined to one point of contact just for you.

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Incident ready at all times

With 51,500 EF staff located in 655 schools and offices in 120 countries, we are available to offer on-the-ground support everywhere our groups travel. Our comprehensive Safety First Program aligns with ISO 31000: Risk Management Guidelines. It includes monitoring news in real time, supplier safety checks, risk assessments, and more.