Design a program that meets your specific vision with the support of a dedicated team. Bring your learning objectives to life and give your students a deeper understanding of their course, themselves, and the world.

With an unmatched global presence in over 115 countries, developing a Custom Designed program with us is simple and affordable.

Step 1

Think big

We’ll work with you to find the perfect balance of culture and academics based on key learning outcomes you have on your mind, how integrated your discipline or course is in their day-to-day while abroad, and where you want to go.

Step 2

Propose your program

Your Program Consultant has seen it all, so who better to help you through the campus approval process? They’ll help you submit paperwork, give you talking points and topics, and whatever else you need to get the program on the road (literally), including proposal forms, EF and program overview documents, and articles and content about the world of study abroad.

Step 3

Prepare for takeoff

We work with about 1,000,000 students each year—more than any other provider—so we think we’ve got travel logistics down pat. While we’re working in the background to coordinate your experience, we’ll also help to:
  • Provide you with recruitment materials like flyers, posters and more

  • Prepare you via complimentary international seminars

  • Coordinate relevant industry engagement experiences or activities

  • Set traveler expectations with destination guides and local tips

Looking for inspiration?

We partner with faculty across the country to support their visions and learning objectives with Custom Designed programs. Explore past faculty favorites and start brainstorming your own.

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