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Future Nobel Laureates Scholarship Program

Created with The Forum on Education Abroad and the Nobel Prize Museum, this student program is fueled by the belief that in order to change the world, you need to experience it. In addition to completing a project-based course, an international field study, and an action-learning project, scholars learn from global thought leaders at the Nobel Week Dialogue in Stockholm. We will select 10 scholarship winners for our annual program. Students from all areas of study—and all parts of the world—are encouraged to apply.

Collaboratively designed

The Future Nobel Laureates Scholarship Program was created alongside The Forum on Education Abroad with their Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad in mind. The learning objectives and course concepts were designed and brought to life by this team of academic authorities:

Dr. David Wick

Associate Professor at the Middlebury Institute

Melissa Torres

President and CEO of The Forum

Dr. Marissa Lombardi

Executive Director of Training, Programs, and Services at The Forum 

Dr. Darla Deardorff

Executive Director of the Association of International Education Administrators

Curriculum that cultivates future Nobel laureates

To enhance learners’ professional, personal, and intercultural competence development. 

To inspire the next generation of global leaders to seek out knowledge to question current norms and systems. 

To work interculturally to pursue ideas that identify and confront equity and justice concerns in their communities and around the world. 

To provide a means to deepen and expand learners’ own understanding of themselves in the world. 

Practice critical self-reflection and self-awareness related to personal experience, strengths, and values.

Articulate personal cultural identities in relation to those of others on the program and in-country.

Practice inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving independently and collaboratively.

Model curiosity and empathy in interpersonal relationships, problem solving, and research.

Relate interculturally to others in the group, and those they interact with in-country, in ways that demonstrate empathy, humility, and authentic caring.

Design solutions to equity and justice issues that apply varied sources of knowledge and respect for diverse experiences and realities.

Synthesize course learning through a final project and reflection paper.

The Forum on Education Abroad is a nonprofit membership organization recognized by the U.S. government as the Standards Development Organization for the field of education abroad. With over 800 institutional members worldwide, they’re committed to cultivating educators who deliver high-quality, accessible education abroad programs. In 2019, we worked with The Forum to realize a common goal: creating an education abroad program that unites diverse groups of students and empowers them to think big. In creating this program, we gained key insights and learnings for education abroad that can be explored in our recent case study.

Intercultural connections

With scholarship recipients from around the globe, cross-cultural learning is inherent in every aspect of the program experience. Here are some of the countries this community of students calls home.

Meet our recent scholars

For the 10 students selected last year, this fully funded experience included a project-based course, an immersive field study, and sessions at the Nobel Week Dialogue in Sweden focused on “The Future of Migration.” Working in groups, students ideated and pitched innovative solutions for pressing global issues. You can learn more about their proposed projects below.

Explore more opportunities

Applications for our next Future Nobel Laureate Scholarship Program are not yet open. In the meantime, fill out the form below to connect with an EF Representative to learn more about this program and other exciting opportunities.