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Building impactful programs, together 

From envisioning the possibilities to planning the experience to embarking on the adventure, faculty members are at the heart of the study abroad programs they lead. As a Program Leader, you are the driving force behind truly life-changing student opportunities—and we at EF Study Abroad support that endeavor in every way imaginable.

Step-by-step support

Whether you create a custom experience or select an established itinerary, our focus for Faculty-Led Programs is simple: making the process low-stress for you and the experience high-impact for your students. And we’re with you every step of the way.

Discuss your program goals, institutional needs, and student learning objectives with our team. No matter your vision, your dedicated EF Representative will help you find the program option that will bring it to life. Our Academic Affairs team is available to discuss the incorporation of learning objectives and professional visits into your program. 

We’ll help you get the information you need to move forward with programming—whether it be a strategic proposal, in-person meetings, or simply sharing more details about our approach and impact. Once we’ve built a detailed itinerary, we’ll work with your team on final approvals.

To ensure success, we’ll provide you with multiple program promotion solutions and customized timeline recommendations. These curated resources include: 

  • Presentations, promotional flyers, and posters 

  • A platform to track meeting invites and attendance 

  • Templates for social media 

  • Email templates for student communication 

  • A mobile-friendly program website, enrollment form, and program account tool 

We serve over 1 million students each year, so we’ve got an excellent sense of how to prepare students for travel and support faculty leaders. While we’re building your program, we’ll provide support to keep program preparation simple. This includes: 

  • Higher education-focused academic materials and learning resources 

  • Safety guidelines, destination guides, and travel tips 

  • A customized mobile Participant App for in-country communications 

  • Professional development webinars on leading students abroad 

Now comes the best part: seeing your students grow personally, academically, and professionally right before your eyes. Your on-program experience will include cultural activities, custom-sourced industry engagement experiences, and engaging learning opportunities.

Our local Field Directors provide on-the-ground support, and our Emergency Safety and Support Team—comprised of industry experts, healthcare experts, and even former FBI personnel—is ready to spring into action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

After your group returns home, we’ll help you continue building on your experiences abroad. Post-program resources include: 

  • Our Global Competencies Assessment to measure program impact on students 

  • Assistance in identifying scalable, sustainable tactics to build study abroad on your campus 

  • A debrief meeting to improve programs and build on our partnership 

  • Post-program reflection resources available via EF’s Global Learning Toolkit 

Our programs blend educational and cultural elements with academic resources to maximize learning before, during, and after immersion. In every stage of their journeys, students are positioned to develop global competencies and accelerate personal growth.


Learners outline what they want to get out of the experience to ground them in an approach for their upcoming journey.

To benchmark students’ intercultural competencies, you may choose to include our assessment in your program.

Utilize our Course Planning Guide for curriculum integration, and enjoy more resources like journal prompts and webinars.

In-country experiences

Each faculty-led program experience includes resources for academic engagement, such as reflection prompts and discussion guides, in addition to intentionally designed components informed by subject matter experts. These components include:


If opted in, compare a second assessment against
pre-immersion results to measure student learning. 

Students receive badges and certificates that further demonstrate evidence of learning and skills development.

Access tools designed to connect the program experience with students’ academic, personal, and professional growth.

Your dedicated team

Our passionate, responsive staff is focused on helping institutions achieve their goals. When you partner with us, you gain access to our team of educators, researchers, and logistical experts—streamlined to one point of contact just for you. 

Ready whenever, wherever

Leading students abroad is a big responsibility—and it’s one we take on together. At EF Study Abroad, we have the global presence and resources to prioritize traveler safety throughout every phase of your program. Our comprehensive Safety First Program aligns with ISO 31000: Risk Management Guidelines. It includes monitoring news in real time, supplier safety checks, risk assessments, and more.