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We’ve got a lot to say about international travel—partly because we’ve been bringing faculty and students abroad for over 55 years. We know it helps to hear from others who have experienced it, so read EF Study Abroad reviews from past and present customers to get a feel for what it’s like to travel with us.

What our customers say about health and safety

Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or a sprained ankle, a missed flight or confusing medical paperwork, we’ve seen it all over the course of our 55 years of experience. So, whatever happens, we’re ready and here for you. In these reviews, customers reflect on the health and safety of their experiences.

Our approach to safety

EF is in constant contact

– Clarke S., MS

I highly recommend this group. My daughter on a college trip to Greece had to be flown out along with her entire group due to the travel ban. Shana S. with EF was in constant contact with me and they worked tirelessly to achieve the evacuation.
Safety as the top priority

– MBAstudent, TX

I have never taken a guided program before. I have traveled through Europe extensively, but always independently. This was my first trip to Italy. I was highly impressed by the professionalism, knowledge, and patience of our Field Director. He was extremely calm and kept everyone’s safety as a top priority. In many situations I noticed that we had a distinct advantage over other programs through our experienced Field Director. He was able to navigate us through many opportunities and sites that we would not have had access to before. I would highly recommend our Field Director and EF for future adventures. I would 100% trust EF and especially our Field Director with my own college age daughter. This is the highest form of compliment a mother could give.
Safe and secure

– Momoftwins, NC

Our twin daughters experienced their first trip abroad on the EF Study Abroad program. I must say that the trip was flawless. Not only did it combine the perfect mix of study and pleasure, but our girls felt safe and secure the whole trip. It was their first trip with EF but not their last. Because of the great time they had on this trip, we allowed them to go on another.
Looking out for us

– mije001, MN

Costa Rica is incredible, and our guide did a phenomenal job catering to unexpected surprises that appeared along the way. She was always looking out for our health, safety, and overall enjoyment of the experience.
Safety briefings

– Sister, AK

The program was exhilarating and awesome. Our EF Field Director managed logistics and people extremely well, even with unforeseen challenging circumstances. The city tour guides were informative, knowledgeable and personable. Activities and events were well planned and information and cautions on personal safety were always included in briefing. I made several new friends. Thanks for a wonderful experience.
Tremendous for a first-time traveler

– Momblod, MD

Great experience for a first time traveler. Children and husband had been abroad but I never had. I felt safe and secure among my peers and great support group of teachers and tour guides. Got to see a little of a lot. Can't decide what was favorite of the trip. Loved the theater in London. But, then there was the countryside and the friendliness of the local folk. Heidi, our main Field Director, was so knowledgeable in all areas. Lots of local input and personal anecdotes. She was just fantastic.
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Customers on their on-program experience

A lifetime of partnering with colleges and universities, along with EF's global network and a dedicated Program Consultant, ensures that your time abroad is the best it can be. Hear from faculty and travelers about their boots-on-the-ground travel experience with EF Study Abroad.

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Free from worry

– Maddie, PA

This tour was fantastic! I think our Field Director is what made is so great. She was knowledgeable, willing to offer information, answer questions, and handle problems as they arose in our schedule. She was flexible and eager to help us make the most of our visit. She really helped us personalize our free time - she offered ideas based on what we liked and what would really help us get to know the city as the natives do. By the end of our time in each city, I felt like I could confidently travel there by myself...I was apprehensive about traveling with a group because I worried that we would only see tourist sites, not the real life of the country. However, because EF planned everything for us and we had such a great guide, we were free from worry and able to just experience a beautiful new place.
Unforgettable experience


We will never, ever, forget this experience. We had the chance to learn about the history of psychology in Europe while having enough free time to explore each city. My students enjoyed every day and I could not have been happier. I would strongly recommend this experience.
Best trip of my life!

– MegO, NY

My 12 days in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland went far beyond my expectations and I couldn't be happier that I chose to go on this journey! Each destination was absolutely beautiful and I learned things about the countries and their histories that I could never learn in a classroom. Never were we bored or disappointed. Every single minute was worth it! I would recommend this trip to EVERYONE who has ever considered traveling!
Another GREAT program!

– Maestro, KS

This was my fifth program with EF and it was again a great experience. Field Director was great, hotels and meals were great, and the pace of the program was excellent. We added an extra day in Paris on the end so we would have one more totally free day so I would suggest considering this if you choose this program. Paris cannot be seen in just 2 days. Great job EF!!!
Trip of a lifetime

– Lyndsey, TX

This trip truly exceeded my expectations! The free time in London was my favorite part; I have memories I will always cherish and never forget! My roommate has become one of my best friends, and she and I had an absolutely wonderful experience in Europe.
Reflection made us stronger people

– NickVD, NJ

This trip exceeded expectations. The in-class preparation came to life the minute we started our program. Going through the cities, and the different sites we visited, gave both an emotional and fun-filled trip. Our more somber moments, where we were able to reflect at certain sites, like Auschwitz, made us stronger people. Other moments, like sharing the local cuisines with friends, added to the excitement of the trip. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely go on this trip again!
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How customers feel about the educational impact

When learners participate in our intentionally designed programs that leverage our Global Learning Model, they develop global competencies before, during, and after their in-country immersion—deepening learning and accelerating personal development.

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Perfect mix of experiences


This program is well planned, structured and handled. My students had a perfect mix of educational activities and free-time that allowed them to explore, learn and enjoy. We will never forget this experience!
From learning to implementing

– Chel, OR

EF Study Abroad provided our group with the most knowledgeable guides that contributed to our learning experience. Beside being fun, it was the best educational experience for everyone. Students are implementing what they learned on their program in their course studies. As an instructor, this is very rewarding.
We can do more with EF

– Travis, MO

We can do more with EF than without them. EF does what they do so well, and because of that, we are so much more effective in our efforts to internationalize the student experience on campus.
Matched our course learning objectives

– Rsensei, NJ

The program superseded my expectations. Not only was the trip planned well, and executed without a hitch, it also fit in very well with our educational goals for a course in Eastern Philosophy and Religion. The mixture of visiting important sites with the experience of the culture was very well blended and balanced. This was a comprehensive and wonderful immersion into Japanese life, culture, and beliefs. There is nothing I can say to improve the experience.
Growing while exploring

– tmac, IA

The experience was terrific. Our Field Director was outstanding—friendly, informative, patient, and always smiling! Seeing the students immersing and engaging in the sights, sounds, tastes, and feel of London and Paris was meaningful—literally watched them grow as they explored. Loved the optional street art and Jack the Ripper tours. I trust EF and look forward to our next educational adventure.
Building cultural competencies

– Chris, Group Leader

I don’t think there’s anything more valuable than an international experience. There’s a moment-by-moment ability to teach [students] theories, perspectives, and cultural competence.
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Customers on the EF Study Abroad team

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Our guide enhanced our experience

– RavenRoosting

Our program in London, Paris, and Amsterdam with criminal justice, psychology, and art majors was a fantastic experience on both the personal and professional levels. Our Field Director was highly knowledgeable about the culture and history of the cities we visited. Moreover, he was very generous in offering suggestions to students and professors about points of interest that greatly enhanced our discoveries throughout our travels. This has been my third EF program and all have been excellent. Our guided-study trip to Europe has enriched the lives of students and professors alike.
Can't say enough about EF's support

– WIUinLondon1, IL

Amazing learning experience, with wonderful local guides, memorable activities, and great site visits. Can’t say enough positive things about the EF support system and organizational efforts. Highlights included the trip to Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, and the Tower of London. If you’re considering participating in the City Experience, do it! You won’t regret it. It’ll be something you will remember for the rest of your life!
They always have my back

– Dr. Holderby, PA

I have been traveling with EF for 15 years. I wouldn’t travel with anyone else. I know they always have my back. Anytime I have ever had even the slightest issue either during enrollment or while on tour, it has only taken one call to EF and they have their experts working to fix the situation.
Support from our Field Director

– Isabella, MA

This program was amazing. It was our 4th with EF and the best yet. The local Field Director was so knowledgeable, fun, interactive, and supportive of us all and worked so hard to make sure we were able to see and do everything we wanted. The itinerary worked well for us and we never felt like we missed out on any part of a city or were too rushed from one place to another. We opted to have all of our meals as a group and our Field Director was so gracious in organizing that for us. Can't want to travel with EF again!
EF is family

– Jacob A., Group Leader

EF = Family. Every person who works with EF that I've been in contact with seems to genuinely care about what they do. This is a rarity. I sing praises for EF in every opportunity. From Brianna to Christian (those who I have had direct contact with in admin and office/travel), to all of the Field Directors I’ve met and every local guide, each person has made me feel valued and safe and as if the world can be our classroom. They support learning and experiences that matter for growth. Thank you to everyone who works at EF.
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