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At EF Study Abroad, we work with expert partners to ensure the institutional needs of the educators we work with are met. Our network of educational partners is comprised of thought leaders and renowned institutions around the world. Throughout your journey with EF, you'll have opportunities to experience the benefits of these incredible partnerships—including access to events, resources, and travel.

Our partners support us in our commitment to:



The Forum on Education Abroad

The Forum on Education Abroad is a nonprofit membership organization recognized by the U.S. government as the Standards Development Organization for the field of education abroad. With over 800 institutional members worldwide, The Forum is committed to ensuring the excellence of educational travel programs.

As a Forum member institution, EF Study Abroad has partnered with the Forum on Education Abroad to bring to life impactful educator and student programs, including our yearly Global Senior Leadership Symposium, where senior international educators associated with The Forum on Education Abroad, AIEA, and EF Education First get access to content from the Nobel Prize Museum and their Nobel Week Dialogue themes.

Nobel Prize Museum

The Nobel Prize Museum’s aim is to spread knowledge and create interest and discussion around the natural sciences and culture through creative learning, exhibition techniques, and modern technology. As the educational partner of the Nobel Prize Museum, EF Study Abroad helps students bring world-changing ideas to life.
Additionally, EF Study Abroad has partnered with The Forum on Education Abroad and the Nobel Prize Museum to create a first-of-its-kind, high-impact student scholarship program which includes an immersive online and project-based course, and attendance at the Nobel Week Dialogue.
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Association of International Education Administrators

The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) is the only association dedicated exclusively to senior leaders in international education. AIEA brings together international education leaders, their counterparts around the world, organizations that promote international education, and organizations concerned with the shaping and management of international higher education.

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